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Senior Workers Registration Arrangement (SWRA)

Top level What's News

We would like to bring to Members' attention a new arrangement whereby you, as a company member of HKFEMC, can help your own workers to apply for registration as Senior Workers.

To explain briefly, the ¡§Construction Workers Registration (Amendment Ordinance 2014¡¨ will take effect on 1 April, 2015. Registered Construction Workers with at least 10 years relevant work experience can apply for registration as Skilled Workers of the corresponding trade divisions through the one-off Senior Workers Registration Arrangement (SWRA) without the need of taking trade tests.

Under the SWRA, as a Company Member of HKFEMC, you are entitled to:

Certify the work experience of workers employed by you.

Ascertain the contractual relationship of your subcontractors who directly employ the workers and can prove their work experience.

Qualified workers with the required experience certified can then apply for registration as Skilled Workers through the SWRA. [The workers can of course also seek the assistance of other authorized trade associations and labour unions in certifying their experience.]

Please take note of this special arrangement of the SWRA and promote the registration scheme to your workers or through your subcontractors to their workers. This is a unique opportunity whereby you can help the workers obtain their deserved certification and become Skilled Workers. You would be also contributing to the sustainable development of the construction industry by encouraging the workers to upgrade themselves and indirectly attract more new blood to the industry.

More detailed information on the SWRA is available on the CIC website of Construction Workers Registration (http://cwr.hkcic.org). You may also contact the Secretariat of Construction Workers Registration Board at 21009266 or via email at cwro-enquiry@hkcic.org.

You may of course also contact the HKFEMC Secretariat (Tel: 2519 3998 / Email : admin@hkfemc.org) for assistance.