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What's News

Top level What's News
( 12.10.2007 16:49 )






( 30.08.2007 11:55 )
As the Phase one Prohibition under the Construction Workers Registration Ordinance (CWRO) will take effect shortly on 1 September 2007, thus, Construction Workers Registration Authority (CWRA) has sent a letter to all contractors for their attention.
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Competition Policy Advisory Group Report 2005-2006
( 20.12.2006 00:00 )
We have been informed by Economic Development and Labour Bureau that the Competition Policy Advisory Group (COMPAG) has published its 8th annual report. The report outlines the group's work during the period April 2005 to June 2006, and also summaries the recommendations of the Competition Policy Review Committee on a new competition law for Hong Kong. In accordance with the Government's "e-Government" initiative, the Report is published electronically and is available online at the COMPAG website, www.compag.gov.hk.

( 07.09.2006 00:00 )
The Construction Workers Registration Authority (CWRA) has provided the updated information on Construction Workers Registration. Please refer to the attachment for your details.
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( 26.07.2006 11:44 )

We have been informed that the Construction Workers Registration Authority (CWRA) has decided to extend the deadline of registration from end of August till the 1st quarter of 2007. A letter from CWRA for appealing Construction Workers for early registration is attached for your attention.
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( 10.04.2006 00:00 )
Please note that in accordance with the Amendment Regulation, the registration of safety officers shall be valid for a period of 4 years subject to renewal or revalidation. Members are encouraged their registered safety officers to submit applications for renewal of their registrations as soon as possible.
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Strategic Management with Information Leveraged Excellence for SMC
( 17.03.2006 19:13 )
The SMILE-SMC programme conducted by HKU (Hong Kong University) is now in its implementation stage. HKFEMC has participated actively over the development with quite a few representatives involved in various workshops and forums.

One of the 'products' is a web-based platform to help contractors, in particular small and medium sized ones, to improve their efficiency and productivity. We are invited to become members, free of charge during the trial period. Attached are the pamphlet and invitation letters. Be free to surf into http://smile.hku.hk to enroll.

( 25.01.2006 12:17 )
Speakers for the Briefing Session
A Briefing Session on Registration of Construction Workers had been held by FEMC on 20 January, 2006 at Duke of Windsor Social Service Building with a total attendance of over 110 members. We were honoured by two speakers, namely, Miss Annette Lam, Secretary from Registration of Construction Workers Authority and and Mr. P. L. Mok, Registration Officer, from Registration of Construction Workers Office.
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( 14.12.2005 00:00 )
Please be informed that under the Construction Workers Registration Ordinance, construction workers who carry out construction work on construction sites shall be registered. Registration will be conducted in four periods from 29 December 2005 to 31 August 2006 according to the birth month of workers.

To facilitate the implementation of the registration system in a systematic and orderly manner, companies / employers / organizations are encouraged to assist workers under their employment in putting in completed application forms to the Registration Offices through the arrangement of Group Submission.

Enclosed please find the Chinese version of “Guidance Notes on Group Submission of Application Forms” provided from CWRA for your information, no English version is available.
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Labour Dept. - Points To Note for Construction Employers 【建築業僱主須知】
( 30.06.2005 00:00 )
To promote harmonious labour relations in the construction industry, the Labour Department produces a leaflet named "Points To Note for Construction Employers【建築業僱主須知】" to set out in simple terms the provisions of the Employment Ordinance on payment of wages as well as some good people management practices in respect of entering into written contract, keeping proper records and distinguishing employment status. They hope this will help remind employers to comply with the provisions of the Ordinance as well as to avoid unnecessary disputes.

The leaflet is available both in Chinese and English by clicking into the following links :

Chinese : http://www.labour.gov.hk/public/pdf/wcp/PointToNoteCE.pdf

English : http://www.labour.gov.hk/eng/public/wcp/PointToNoteCE.pdf

Hard Copies are kept in our FEMC office for members' collection. Please contact the FEMC Secretariat for arrangement.

Architectural Research & Development - "Universal Accessibility - Best Practices and Guidelines
( 04.06.2005 16:46 )
In pursuit of providing high quality services to the community and promoting innovative design in the building industry, Architectural Services Department has carried out a comprehensive research on Universal Accessibility. Their goal is to increase awareness of accessibility issues in the design of buildings and open spaces to attain a more accessible and sustainable environment. It is very encouraging that the research paper has recently been awarded the Hong Kong Institute of Architects Annual Award 2004 – Special Architectural Award for Architectural Research.

If you would like to read the full report, please visit the ASD webpage under the category of Knowledge Sharing :

( 13.05.2005 00:00 )
It is nice to hear that the Finance Committee of the Legislative Council has given approval to inject additional funding to the SME Funding Schemes, which are :
- The SME Export Marketing Fund (EMF) and SME Development Fund (SDF) will have an additional funding of $500 million;
- The total government loan guarantee commitment under the SME Loan Guarantee Scheme (SGS) will be increased from $6.6 billion to $10.6 billion;
- The application procedures for the EMF will be streamlined.

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( 11.08.2004 15:02 )
The captioned Site Safety Forum, jointly co-organised by HKCA, OSHC, HKFEMC and HA, was held on the 3rd August 2004. Our Chairman, Mr. C. K. Tsang was invited to present a speech on the subject of “Prevention exercised by M/E Sub-Contractors”. If member who are interested in the topic, please see attached PowerPoint file for information.
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