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Function Report

Top level Function Report
( 28.11.2013 17:48 )
Opening Speech by Mr CHAN Mo-po Paul, the Secretary for Development
"Developing Quality and Innovative Construction to Promote 'Going Global' "

" 發展高質創新建造,推動企業『走出去』 "

The captioned Forum "Developing Quality and Innovative Construction to Promote 'Going Global' " jointly organized by the Development Bureau and the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development (MOHURD) 住房及城鄉建設部與發展局聯合主辦was held from 20 to 22 Oct 2013 in Ningbo (寧波市), and followed by 3-day short Study Mission (optional) in Hangzhou (杭州) from 22 to 24 Oct 2013. The Hong Kong delegation (152 participants) led by Mr CHAN Mo-po Paul, the Secretary for Development joined plus 150 participants from Mainland. FEMC & EMCA were the co-organizers, teamed up with 24 members to participate.

In discussion forum, speakers were invited from professional, institutes, construction and E&M trade, delegates were given an innovative idea on business development.
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( 04.04.2005 18:36 )
Group Photo
For bring up the knowledge of E&M safety continuously, again, the event was jointly organized by FEMC and EMF (The Federation of Hong Kong Electrical & Mechanical Industries Trade Unions) on 12th December 2004. It was held successfully and overwhelming with 1,200 participants.
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( 27.05.2004 18:15 )
Site Visit
A Technical Visit held on 25th May 2004 has been organized by the Federation for members to understand the process of off-site prefabrication of E&M system in buildings including concealed electrical conduit, plumbing and drainage pipework, sanitary fixtures, etc. and to appraise the relevant safety and statutory compliance.

It was overbooked by members and held successfully. Those members found that it was very interesting in visiting Hip Hing’s Construction Site (Residential) at Fu Tei, Tuen Mun and NWSE's workshop at Yin Kong, Sheung Shui, N.T. Some photos taken during the visit are attached.

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( 04.02.2004 18:03 )
The captioned competition was successfully held on 19th December 2003 at Mission Hills Golf Club – New Valley Course. There were 58 golfers to participate the event. We would like to thank for the support of the golfers from various members’ companies and Associations, and the donations from our members who kindly donate the trophies and souvenirs for this competition, they are
- Analogue Technical Agencies Ltd.
- Pyrofoe (M/E) Engineering Co.
- Trane Hong Kong
- Wong Po Kee Ltd.
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( 12.12.2003 15:18 )
開幕儀式 - 主禮嘉賓與喇喇隊合照
香港機電工程商聯會與香港機電業工會聯合會在本年11月30日成功舉辦了"機電安全健步嘉年華 2003", 為機電行業提升了工地機電安全意識。 我們榮幸邀請到經濟發展及勞工局常任秘書長(勞工)張建宗太平紳士;機電工程署署長黎仕海太平紳士; 職業安全健康局主席伍達倫博士, BBS, JP; 職業訓練局電機業訓練委員會主席陳理誠舉行開步儀式。更得到立法會議員李鳳英太平紳士; 立法會議員何鍾泰博士, 太平紳士立法會議員石禮謙太平紳士蒞臨主持閉幕。

當天風和日麗, 天朗氣清, 共有800多人參與, 場面非常熱鬧。天氣更適宜郊外步行, 既可增進身心健康, 更值此放下繁忙的工作, 與家人朋友分享大自然的喜樂。 回程還有攤位遊戲及抽獎,真是一個老少咸宜的家庭同樂日。
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( 15.11.2003 12:11 )
FEMC Delegation
The annual construction industry conference between Mainland and China is the most significant cross-border function of its kind, supported and participated actively by key stakeholders in both territories. It is the E&M sector's turn to shoulder up the responsibility of being the leading co-organiser this year. Though we have picked up substantial experience through heavy involvement in previous exercises, we took no chance to be relaxed. A highly dedicated team led by Mr Herman Hu, with the President Mr. James Chiu and Mr. P. H. Ho being members, started working on it from March 2003, in collaboration with other organising parties of course.
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