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About FEMC

Top level About FEMC
( 27.11.2013 09:50 )
The Federation has been so fortunate to have President James and President Otto leading us over the past 12 years to where we are today. Both are highly respected "heavy weights" not just in our industry but across many sectors in the community, with networks extending to all levels of the Administration. The solid foundation we enjoy now is, without doubt, the direct result of their invaluable dedication and contribution.

Following their foot steps, I am working with the Council to tackle the following challenges :

1) manpower shortage,
2) appropriate training responding to the industry's real need,
3) payment security,
4) fair and equitable contract arrangement and conditions,
5) continuous improvement in safety, productivity and working environment,
6) well planned succession for the Federation,
7) last but not the least strengthening of our financial position.

We shall be ambitious but stay humbly realistic not to spread our limited resources over too many subjects achieving little at the end. Tasks will be tactically segmented and organized with clear and achievable short-term and long-term targets. From time to time the Council will report to members on progress, which is part of our communication enhancement programme.

Meanwhile, may I take this opportunity to wish all of you a very happy new year!


New Council for the 2013/2015
( 12.10.2011 00:00 )
The election of new Council of the HKFEMC for the term 2013/2015 was held in the 12th Annual General Meeting on 7 November 2013.

The following Members were elected to serve the Council in the coming two years :

President : Mr. Paul CHONG
Chairman : Mr. Howard LOK

Vice President :
Mr. KUOK Hoi Sang
Mr. Peter LAM
Mr. Ringo SHEA
Mr. WONG Kwok Keung
Mr. Emil YU

Hon. Secretary : Mr. IP Kai Yin
Hon. Treasurer : Mr. Peter LAM

Council Members :
Mr. Dave CHAN
Mr. William CHAN
Mr. Kenneth CHAN
Mr. King CHENG
Mr. Victor CHEUNG
Mr. Daniel CHONG
Mr. CHOW Cheuk Tao
Mr. Eugene FONG
Mr. Sam HUI
Mr. HUNG Chi Kwong
Mr. Douglas KWOK
Mr. Michael LAM
Mr. Victor LAW
Mr. LEE Wing Shing
Mr. MA Ka Chun
Mr. Rocky POON
Mr. Raymond SYNN
Mr. Gilbert TSANG
Mr. WAI Yip Kin
Mr. Tony YAU
Ms. Christine YUNG
Mr. Eric YUNG

( 28.01.2002 17:19 )

The Federation is a non-profit making body jointly formed by six electrical and mechanical trade associations in Hong Kong.

The main objective is to provide a common platform for all electrical and mechanical contracting trades to interact for the advancement of the industry. Externally, it will give the legislature, public bodies and other institutions a direct and single channel for conferring and ascertaining the collective views of the electrical and mechanical contractors.
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